ended (skryptic) wrote in sifl_and_olly,

Petitioning MTV for The Sifl n Olly Show

I was under the impression that Lian and Matt were working towards hammering out details for the DVD releases of season 1 & 2. That is until recently when I noticed a new message on the Sifl n Olly Merchandise Page signed by Liam.

I e-mailed Liam to determine whether this statement is outdated or not but while I wait for a reply I'm proceeding as planned. I did a search for petitions. All I could find were outdated petitions to put it back on the air from 2001. The forums and message boards seem to be drying up. The Fan sites are dropping off the map.

I'm stepping up and hoping you will back me. I've started a petition and am currently going through the process of designing a fan site.

Sign this petition and spread the word to others who may be interested. Thanks.

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